October 23, 2015

When describing the theme of your event, there is no need to make it look complicated. It doesn’t need to be a post-modern masterpiece with accents of industrial revolution. When talking about the event, try using one word describe it.

This word should have feelings, good connotations, but be simple. That is much harder than it sounds. When you go to get your equipment though, and explain it is an elegant wedding, that really helps generate an idea.

An elegant wedding would be white, with silver accents. Perhaps white flowers, with silver vases would be elegant. It could also be elaborate chairs with crisscrossing backs.

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While idea generating for a theme, try to find that one dominant word. Something that would make anyone understands what the theme is about.

Here are some words that might help.


A word that is perfect for any wedding. It is a clean pure word with an element of class.


This is for a corporate event that is all about getting stuff done better and functionally working together. A simple black and white gets the job done. A nice accent color would be good too.


The color yellow is great for remembrance. When the event is for memories, it is best to keep things simpler. Designs should be much simpler than elegance, and simpler than the businesslike productivity.


Match the colors to the season. Warm colors for warm days, and cold colors for cold days.


Think of an exact date or decade like the 1920’s or 1950’s. Fashion, décor, and culture can all change and make a theme fun. The more dated, the classier the event gets! Los Angeles party rentals are great for era themed parties, because of the locations rich history.


Red carpets, dress, and tuxedos. If it isn’t broken don’t fix it. Go with the classic and you know things won’t go wrong.

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