March 7, 2015


When you’re planning your next event, don’t forget to give some thought to the type of seating that would best suit your needs. Seating can be highly customized for different types of events.

The look of your chairs plays a part in the total vision of your venue. The functionality of your chairs plays a part in the comfort of your guests and their enjoyment of your event. Finally, the cost of your chairs plays a part in your overall budget. That’s why finding the right chair rental in Los Angeles is an important step in planning for your event.

Chiavari chairs are popular at formal affairs like wedding receptions and banquets. These ballroom chairs are available in a variety of colors including white, black, silver, gold, mahogany and birchwood. There are also several color options available for the chair pad. With so many choices available, you are sure to find a chair that will be the perfect complement to your table linens and centerpieces.

If you are hosting a more informal event or are setting up in an outdoor venue, then a folding chair might be perfect for you. Folding chairs also come in many types and colors. There are budget-friendly basic plastic folding chairs that are perfect for informal affairs, white wood or natural wood folding chairs that are great for wedding ceremonies, and padded folding chairs that maximize guest comfort. Best of all, many folding chairs have leg features that prevent them from sinking into the grass at an outdoor event.

For some events, it doesn’t make sense to use regular chairs at all. For cocktail parties and events where you want to encourage guests to mingle, consider a lounge set-up. Your venue can feature couches, lounge chairs and ottomans for guests to relax on. You could also consider incorporating some bar stools scattered around tall cafe tables.

When choosing the chairs for your upcoming occasion, let your decision be guided by the formality of the event and the function of your seating. This way you’ll be sure to find the perfect chairs to keep your guests comfortable.

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