Wedding Chair Rentals Add a Touch of Class

Classy, sturdy tables and chairs can pull the whole look of your wedding together.

Conversely, cheap folding chairs and flimsy tables can be spotted a mile away.

You need high-quality chairs, tables and linens to not only look great but to handle the needs of your guests, from small children to older adults.

Turn to AAA Rents & Events for high-quality wedding chair rentals in Los Angeles at affordable rates. Whether you need a tent, chairs, tables with linens, or all three, we can customize a package for you to ensure your party goes off without a hitch.

Let us take the hassle out of planning your event thanks to seamless delivery, setup and pickup.

You get something extra special with AAA Rents & Events. Our team can dress up your tables and chairs with decorative ribbons, satiny bows, and flowing linens that match your décor and color scheme. Just let us know what your theme is and any details you want incorporated, and we will deliver on our promises. Just setting up tables and chairs won’t cut it – you need professionals who will decorate them to look elegant, classy and comfortable for the ease of your guests.

When you enlist our help for wedding chair rentals in Los Angeles, we can work with you to pull off your wedding seamlessly. In fact, we often work with caterers, party coordinators, event planners and couples to handle all aspects of your wedding.

As you go about your planning, be sure to obtain the right number of tables and chairs to accommodate all your guests. Seating makes all the difference at weddings for the overall comfort and enjoyment of the attendees. Once you have an estimate for the number of guests, we can better plan for how many tables and chairs will be needed. We always recommend erring on the side of caution and renting a bit more than you think you’ll need just in case extras show up.

We also take shape into consideration. Do you want circular tables perfect for encouraging conversation or would you rather rectangular tables for more space efficiency? We’ll help you match the seating arrangement with the intimacy of the event, depending on the number of guests, personal dynamics and space restrictions.

The team here at AAA Rents & Events can help you determine which layout is best.

AAA Rents & Events is the place to go for wedding chair rentals in Los Angeles, where we have the ability to accommodate any request, layout or headcount. Whether you’re planning a small intimate gathering or large 100+ events, our team is happy to meet your guests’ needs with luxurious tables, chairs, tents and accessories.

Call to get a free estimate at 818-785-1105 from AAA Rents & Events. We want to help make your wedding a unique success!

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