September 24, 2014

AAA Rents provides more than just tents, chair and tables for weddings and events. We provide a large range of items that make your special day memorable. When it comes to party rental companies in Los Angeles, AAA Rents has everything you need in one place. We go beyond the basics; we offer more detailed items to accommodate the entire atmosphere and experience of your event.

AAA Rents has a large inventory of bars and accessories. Wedding guests far and wide often expect an open bar. Our inventory offers several different styles and sizes. We also offer buffets if your dinner calls for it. In addition, we have a complete list of serving dishes, china and silverware for any taste.

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We also offer a variety of flooring and walkways. Whether it’s a dance floor or beautiful pool bridge, we offer the very best quality in the Los Angeles area. We offer a wide range of props, fixtures and miscellaneous items. We can decorate just about any room you need. We even have portable restrooms for your large outside wedding. If your wedding is outdoors in the cooler months, we offer heaters to warm your guests up. If you want to show a slide show during your ceremony, we have a variety of projectors. We have a number of lighting options as well.

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If you are having an outdoor wedding, we have many tents and canopies to choose from. Our tents and canopies are made of the highest quality textures that can withstand any weather. Canopies are great for larger crowds while tents are geared to the more private intimate settings.

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AAA Rents has the biggest variety of party supply rentals in Los Angeles. Our rentals go way beyond just tables and chairs.

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