February 28, 2016

A wedding day is the most memorable day of a couple’s life. That’s why every detail, from the flowers to the cake, wedding dress and even the napkin holders has to be just right. The beauty of the setting must be exquisite in every detail to highlight the enjoyment of this once in a lifetime celebration.

One aspect of a wedding that is sometimes overlooked is the choice of tables and chairs for the reception. This is a very important detail, however, as the comfort of the wedding guests is crucial to the success of the event. It’s critical to keep in mind the type of people who will be attending the wedding when choosing the table and chairs. Is this a young and active crowd, or are many elderly guests expected? These are all questions that should be considered before the tables and chairs are ordered.

Ordering The Wedding Day Furniture

Finding a good table and chair rental Los Angeles is a major factor in planning a Southern California wedding. Your contact at the table and chair rental in Los Angeles should be able to walk you through the possible choices. If you are using wood backed chairs, ask if there are cushions available to make them more comfortable and to coordinate with the other wedding decor. Some rental houses also have lovely slip covers to go over the chairs to create a dressier look.

Before ordering the tables, review the guest list and talk to the bride about seating. Does she want a casual reception with lots of mingling, or a sit down affair around tables? These are all factors in the event planning.

Finally, when all the details have been decided on, the order can be placed and the celebrations can begin!

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