August 21, 2015

We all remember having birthday parties as kids. It was the event of the season and you would barter your way into the birthday kids heart with promises of toys and gifts. The mechanics of these parties may have seemed complex at younger ages, but getting older means throwing bigger and better bashes. It may be time to learn to throw a grown up party.

At kids parties, you might need to dust off a few old seats for musical chairs. The rest of the kids can just sit on the ground. After adulthood, sitting on the ground just doesn’t work anymore. It is mandatory to provide enough chairs for your guests.

As a sidenote to chairs, it is also important to have enough tables. No adult wants to sit at a massive table and throw food at eachother. Well, maybe many do, but that just isn’t civilized. Having enough tables to stimulate conversation and keep food fighting to a minimum is best.

Entertainment is the next thing of note. Many adults developed fears of clowns, so that doesn’t work anymore. A dance floor and a live DJ is a great alternative. Maybe in the last few decades one of the adults learned how to dance. If you’re really adult, don’t be shy about breaking out the swing dancing.

Drapery, decoration, and design are all important elements to a grown up party. The plastic flyers and squeaky balloons just had to be upgraded. The bigger the better. The best thing about being a grownup is larger toys.

The final element of an awesome grown up party is the food. If you want to eat cake first that’s okay. No one is judging because you took the time to grow up and now you can eat what you want. Let catering know exactly what you want, then take it!

All of this grown up party stuff is best provided by a team of professionals who can offer party rentals in Los Angeles. Take your party to the next level with AAA Rents who can rent you with everything you need to maximize on being a grown up.

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