November 15, 2017

When you hear the word “light,” what do you visualize? Do you imagine a single flickering florescent in a claustrophobic cubicle? Or do you think of a sweeping meadow on the first day of summer? If you said both, you wouldn’t be wrong. Light is a party planner’s most powerful atmospheric tool. It can make a banquet hall feel like a hospital room or transform a living room into a ballroom. Don’t let rain ruin your day. Strategically placed lighting can make even your New York clients forget they’re not on the beach.

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The Art of Lighting

Light is a room’s connection to the outdoors. The key is to make it look natural. A single overhead light creates a sharp, manufactured beam that can actually shrink the field of perception because it draws one’s focus to the center of the room but leaves the corners in the dark. It is important to remember that light is reflective. Focusing light on the wall or ceiling instead of at the floor allows it to illuminate more space, which in turn opens up your space. Shining the light on a unique piece of art has a similar effect, as it breaks free of an empty walls constrictions.

Changing Perspectives

If you want to make your room seem bigger without sacrificing the intense wattage of a direct overhead light, another option is to invest in diffused downlights. Diffused downlights create a bright, even glow throughout the room. Recessed into the ceiling, not only do they add a modern elegance to any room, but they also create more space by eliminating the clutter of a hanging lamp or lamp post.


The shade of light you use is just as important as where you direct it. Different events call for different color schemes. You might want to consider the event when choosing a light. While yellow light adds warmth to a room, white light can make certain colors pop!

AAA Rents Solutions

These are just a few tips for making a room look bigger with light, but as an event organizer, you may be working within the limitations of a set space. That’s where AAA Rents & Events comes in. We offer a wide range of lighting rentals in Los Angeles, along with power generators to keep the party going. Let us transform your room for your next event.

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