April 7, 2015

When creating your event checklist, you may create a line item for tables and think that you’re covered. However, there is more than immediately meets the eye when it comes to table selection. There is no shortage of options when it comes to table rentals in Los Angeles, so be sure to choose the right sizes and shapes to complement your next event.

For a seated dinner, round tables are great for allowing easy socialization. 60-inch round tables can comfortably accommodate 8-10 guests while 72-inch tables are available for larger groups. If your dinner utilizes a buffet set-up, don’t forget that you’ll also need rectangular tables for your food. Standard 6-foot tables are perfect to set your buffet on, as they promote a traffic flow to keep your guests moving efficiently through the line. Consider utilizing both sides of the table to allow everyone to get through the buffet line quickly.

If you are hosting a cocktail reception, then round tables are often a good bet for displaying your hors d’oeuvres, as they allow guests to access the food from all angles as they mix and mingle. Don’t forget to scatter some cocktail tables throughout the room to provide guests with a place to set their drink or snack down. Tall bistro tables are perfect for this. Sprinkle in some short café tables with two or four chairs to provide the perfect spots for guests to relax.

If your event has a registration or a silent auction, or anything else where some administrative tasks need to be taken care of, then consider short rectangular tables with seating. Another great option is counter-height tables that prevent your guests and volunteers from having to lean over awkwardly to write.

When choosing the tables for your next event, simply think about the functionality that you hope to gain out of each space and choose a style that fits accordingly.

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