April 12, 2017

Tent and Canopy Rental Los Angeles

Weddings are a big deal — whether you’re a take-charge, do-it-yourself bride-to-be or a professional wedding planner working to make someone else’s perfect day perfect, you feel that nervousness when gray clouds roll over our normally sunny skies.

Rain on that special day is one of those fears we all have. Like many terrifying things, we often shiver at the thought but then we just go ahead and assume that it won’t happen to us.

And that may be because we’ve imagined the terrible scenario to be something like a cheesy movie:

The altar is set perfectly in line with the vista. The smell of the caterer’s gourmet meal fills the audience’s noses. The grand piano sits slightly askew playing the music that the bride’s mother hasn’t heard since her own special day so long ago, filling her eyes with tears. As the bride makes her way up the white carpet all eyes are on her, but she doesn’t seem to notice as she gazes upon her groom with a look of warm admiration. Everything is perfect, just the way she has been imagining it since she was twelve.

Then…she feels that first drop.

Her mood cuts from blissful happiness to terror. She feels the second drop. The terror spreads across the crowd as they all try to decide how to react.

Then, before anyone can even say anything, the heavens let loose and the rain pours across the valley that was so beautiful just a moment ago. The smell of the meal is stifled as it becomes waterlogged.

The crowd screams and scatters. The bride stands halfway up the aisle staring at her groom. He can see the water droplets roll down her beautiful face from the altar, smearing her perfect makeup, and he can tell that many of those droplets are not from the rain.

Probably it wouldn’t happen like that. Most likely, you’d see the weather report days in advance, and you’d definitely see the cloudy skies above long before the bells began ringing. All the same, people are caught off guard by rain on the big day.

Take chance and surprise out of the question. Being prepared for the rain is as easy as calling AAA Rents & Events.

AAA Rents offers tents and wedding canopies that can accommodate any crowd size, be it your dream wedding with everyone you know or a backyard brunch with some long-lost friends. In addition to canopies and tents, we also offer flooring, walkways, and more to help keep everyone there dry and clean.

Like many Angelinos, you may be thinking “This is California! We don’t have to worry about rain.” But we are set for record rainfall this year. The drought is officially almost over. Don’t let mother nature dictate whether that wedding is perfect — if your big event is outdoors, rent a tent!

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