February 23, 2015

There is a variety of event planning scenarios that require audio-visual equipment.

For example, all weddings need music to dance to, many board meetings utilize web-based conference calls, and some birthday parties show home movies. Regardless of the purpose, it’s imperative to have every piece of equipment on site the day of the event. Possibly the most important part of this equipment is the speakers. No matter how great the presentation that you have lined up is, it’s worthless if your guests can’t hear it.

When it comes to event rentals Los Angeles has an abundance of companies that supply audio-visual services. After all, Hollywood is our next-door neighbor. You need to be sure that when you rent your equipment, you are ordering the complete set-up. Your needs may include wireless handheld microphones, lavaliere microphones, speaker stands, a computer, a press feed multi box, and a sound board. It’s also crucial to remember to have the appropriate cords and plugs needed to connect everything together. Don’t forget extension cords, multi-outlet converters, and gaffers tape to safely tape down your cable paths.

Most importantly, you’ll always need speakers. Without them, your guests will only hear crickets. Be sure to create an audio-visual checklist, where you catalog every piece of equipment that you might need at your event. It helps to do a site visit prior to the event so that you can make a note of where electrical outlets exist in the space, helping you lay out your floor plan. If you need speakers, just talk to us. We have a wide variety of rentals available and should be able to cover your needs. Our speakers provide crisp sound in any setting, from lectures to concerts and everything in between.

Video projectors and Sound Equipment

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