Santa Clarita Party Rentals

Santa Clarita is a great place to host a party – perhaps one of the best places in the entire state. Its beautiful, mountainous scenery provides a visual feast often accompanied by warm western breezes. Whether you’re hosting a massive corporate event or a small, intimate gathering, AAA Rents & Events can help you accommodate your guests with style and ease.

Party Supplies for Everyone

From catering supplies for all your guests, including fine china and silverware, to ensuring that all your guests are comfortably seated, our range of party rentals in Santa Clarita covers everything you need – chairstables, floorings & walkwaystents & canopies and anything else you need to make your party a success.

Outdoor Electrical Generator Rental

For an outdoor event, you’ll need to prevent any interruptions due to power or electrical issues. With up to 100,000 watts of standby independent electrical power available to rent, your event will stay powered and your guests will stay happy.

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