Burbank Party Rentals

Burbank has a long history of successful parties and events. As party locations go, it doesn’t get much better than Burbank, CA, no matter how inexperienced you may be in planning big parties and events. Luckily, AAA Rents & Events is here to help. We have a team of professional event planners who are familiar with the region and can help you plan and host a successful event.

Whether it’s a wedding party, birthday party, corporate event or even a small baby shower, there are some items that you definitely cannot afford to go without when hosting an event.

Party Food & Drinks

Your guests will want to eat, drink, or do both, and your guests will need plates, silverware, glasses, and all that goes with it. They will need chairs and tables too. We can help with that.

Outdoor Event Requirements

Outdoor parties and events have their own special needs, too. For example, you will need a tent or canopy under which the event will be held, and walkways and floorings will definitely be a plus – especially for unpaved surfaces.

Burbank Party Rentals provides these services at a variety of Burbank locations. And we go beyond just providing the basics – everything we provide is of the highest quality and our customer services is top-notch. Plus, we definitely know how to add life to the party — talk to us about a bar setup!

Contact us today to start planning your big event in Burbank!

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