December 12, 2015

With the possible exception of Halloween, nothing is more delightfully tacky and exceptionally trendy than the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Laying down your personal inhibitions to kick back, relax and wear some of the most atrocious knitted monstrosities from 20, 30, 40 or more years ago at a party is sure to bring out the fun in anyone. Los Angeles and surrounding cities find this type of party growing in popularity, and if you’ve been avoiding one, let go and experience one for yourself.

If you’re throwing the party, you’ll need to plan your own outfit carefully, but also plan the decorations, food and drinks to go along with your theme. In order to have enough room for your guests to perch (inside or out), you may need to look into some table and chair rentals in Los Angeles. Depending on your space, you may also want to look at tent (and coordinating lighting) rental as well.

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For drinks, decorate your bottles with purchased, mini ugly sweaters or adorn your rented goblets with pipe cleaners and pom-poms. You may choose to rent a champagne fountain, punch bowl or coffee carafe to make self-serve easy along with appropriate drinkware and barware.

Food displays can be simple or ornate. A rented chafing dish keeps food hot all evening long, and 3-tier trays are always spot-on for displaying fruit, veggies, and those fun Christmas sweater cookies you ordered. Additional trays are perfect for sandwiches and other appetizers, and you’ll want to be sure to cover your tables with some Christmas-appropriate linens.

One of the most fun aspects you may consider planning at your party is to have an awards show. Some great ideas include All-Around Ugliest, Most Original, Scariest, Most Festive, and Most Likely to Get Arrested if Seen in Public.

Whatever you decide, make your party festive and guest-friendly with help from your local table and chair rental company here in Los Angeles.

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