December 29, 2015

Flowers, centerpieces, and other wedding decor are important, but without a good foundation in the form of attractive and sturdy tables and chairs, it can be like putting lipstick on a pig. Low-quality plastic folding chairs can easily ruin the atmosphere of an otherwise meticulously planned wedding. Likewise, rickety tables that can barely accommodate guests without them hitting elbows make the bride and groom look like they decided to cut corners. Even a fancy tablecloth can’t disguise a table that is just too small for the group.

Aside from the cosmetic, there is the comfort of the guests to think of. A good amount of time at a wedding is spent sitting or eating. Older relatives in particular will have a hard time on uncomfortable chairs. Younger relatives may have their own challenges with a flimsy chair, especially after several rounds of toasts.

And it’s not just guests who suffer when the wrong tables and chairs are rented. If multiple courses are served, the catering staff will need at least a minimal amount of space between guests in order to properly serve and clear. Tables and chairs may seem like a small detail, but they are in fact the backbone of a good reception.

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