March 7, 2015

When hosting events at night, lighting becomes one of the most important factors that must be considered. Not only does proper lighting ensure the safety and comfort of your guests, but the right lighting effects can also lend the perfect ambience to your next venue.

For your nighttime event to be a success, you’ll need to provide proper fields of light to each of your venue spaces. All walkways to and from the parking lot should be well lit. Spotlights or up-lights should lead guests to restrooms. Your bar and food stations should all be highlighted as well. If your caterers will be setting up their prep area outside or in a dimly lit space then you’ll need to provide them with ample task lighting for their work.

String lighting or lanterns hung overhead are both great ways to illuminate dining areas and dance floors. They create a whimsical look and warm light that will make your event truly memorable. To showcase certain aspects of your décor such as centerpieces or wedding cakes, use pin spot lighting to bring a particular area into attention. This is especially important for dark flowers or linens that can easily blend into the background at night. Light trees and lava light heaters can be used to lend a modern look to your event while providing much-needed light to your space. Many light trees can even be illuminated with a variety of colors. There are even chandeliers that can be hung from the canopy of an outdoor tent to lend a timeless elegance to your next event.

When considering the myriad options of party rentals Los Angeles, CA provides, don’t forget to add lighting to your event checklist. After all, when you’ve put so much thought into every last detail of your event, the last thing you want is for your guests to miss them!

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