April 7, 2015

When planning an important event, you will likely put a lot of thought into the menu. You will focus on the tastes, the textures, and the appearance of every morsel, choosing options that will wow your guests. However, if you forget to pay attention to the presentation of your food, then you are undermining all of your careful planning. No matter how amazing food looks and tastes, if it isn’t displayed in a smart and attractive presentation, it won’t make the right statement.

It’s important to put thought into the entire presentation of your food. This starts with your tables, which should be large enough to accommodate everything but not so big that it looks like food is sparse. It’s also crucial to dress your tables in quality linens that coordinate with your overall look. When it comes to linen rentals, Los Angeles has a wide variety of available colors and patterns.

Be sure to add dimension to your food tables instead of having everything placed on the same level. Expand your available space by alternating the heights of your platters and trays. Use boxes of varying sizes and heights, hide them with draped linen and place platters on top. In this way, you can add visual interest to your food display while making your offerings appear bountiful.

When it comes to tray and platter selection, look for colors and shapes that complement your event décor. Think outside the box when it comes to your serving dishes. A mirror can make a modern serving tray while a wood cutting board can lend a rustic look to your event. Don’t forget to augment your presentation with delicate touches like fresh flowers or fresh fruit to finish the look of your display.

Finally, if you are going to use candles in your venue, be sure that they are unscented. The last thing you want to do is mask all the delicious aromas of your food.

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