July 8, 2015

Event planning should have the word “planning” in big, bold letters. The job is entirely planning and the event part is the fun after the work is over. The work is the actual planning, and that can be very complicated depending on the event. At specific locations, permits are mandated by the government.

At times, it might seem like negotiating the red tape of permits is impossible. Preparing far ahead of time and starting early is the best way to make sure the process goes smoothly. Most applications for city permits must be submitted 45 days in advance. That is a full month and a half!

At that time, it is also the perfect time to rent party equipment. Requesting the equipment early means the items you need won’t have been reserved by the time you get there. AAA Rents has been the premiere source of rentals in the greater Los Angeles area and certain seasons can be competitive for rental equipment.

Events selling food and drink will also need a temporary selling permit. It doesn’t stop there. Events can sometimes be dangerous when people really let loose. Many permits demand a proof of insurance. Taking the extra time to fill out paperwork is a huge help to you, the government, and eventually the party guests.

City laws are a long pile of legal documents that have no business with parties and events. AAA Rents has taken the time to learn the industry and the rental laws surrounding the greater LA area. Let us help you get through the paperwork so you can get to the real work – enjoying your event.

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