October 7, 2014

Throwing a party or event can be time consuming and difficult, especially if you’re planning for a large gathering, and especially if your area holds high standards to meet. For all your party rentals in Pasadena, get help from AAA Rents & Events. We are able to provide many of the supplies and equipment you need in order throw successful party.

Tables and chairs are essential to any event or party. Not having an area for people to sit can lead to people leaving early or you receiving a lot of complaints from the guests. Don’t let this happen to you. Allow us to provide you with tables and chairs that not only provide comfort for your guests, but add style to your event. Our selection of chairs ranging from Casablanca fullback chairs to black chiavari chairs, you will find a style that coincides with the modern and historical architecture of Pasadena.

We also offer fashionable tents and canopies that are able to add protection for the guests at your event. Our selection of tents and canopies are sure to amaze your guests while blending in well with your décor. Not only are our tents and canopies stylish and elegant, they also help to protect your guest’s hairstyles and outfits from the weather and other outside elements.

Having an outside event can limit your guest’s mobility, especially in a mountainous region like Pasadena. By renting the flooring and walkways that we have available, your guests will be able to get around with no problems. Our flooring and walkways provide a flat and smooth surface that is safe for walking, dancing, walkers, and wheel chairs.

Comfort is always a factor when throwing a party. With help from our lava light heaters, your guests will be able to keep warm and comfortable through your entire event. In addition to keeping your guests warm, the lava light heaters also provide a touch of style to your gathering.

Consider the needs and comfort of your entire guest by renting from AAA Rents & Events for party rentals in Pasadena today. We are located just a short drive across the valley in Van Nuys, and do all the delivery and pickup for you.

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