April 29, 2014

When media events, opening nights, and awards ceremonies are weekly events, a city must be prepared to host a millennium style party at a moment’s notice. Event coordinators usually have a list of favorite caterers on speed dial who are ready to make a meal for twenty or two hundred happen quickly. Likewise, party rentals here are in constant demand. Everything from tables and chairs to tents and linens need to be immaculate and in place when needed.

AAA Rents & Events serves the entire valley from Van Nuys to Burbank, where major events and large parties take place all year round. Event coordinators have the responsibility of knowing when and where these elaborate parties are expected to occur. They may have to schedule security staff or request city permits and roadblocks as part of their role. These duties may change based on the size of the event, but every event from small, intimate parties to the largest of galas have one thing in common: they all need the expertise of qualified planners and reliable party rental professionals.

Successful party rentals in San Fernando Valley include proactive representatives and customer service agents who have experience in the industry. They know what questions to ask to ensure the client has absolutely everything they need to make their event unforgettable. Party rental contracts allow enough time for delivery to be made well before the desired set up time. The pickup time gives customers some leeway for the last guests to leave but not be so far after the event that lingering chairs or tables are taking up valuable space at the venue. AAA Rents & Events knows all the ins and outs of the party business in the Media Capital of the World, and works with each customer to arrange the perfect party.

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