February 5, 2016

Planning a party can be a lot of hard work. If organizing a guest list on top of creating a menu and choosing the perfect music is too overwhelming, choose an event coordinator that has all the tools for a perfect party in their back pocket. Party rentals in Los Angeles, CA may seem abundant, but finding the right business can be the difference between chic soiree and cheap celebration.

AAA Rents & Events provides rental, delivery, and pick-up services for all party related elements. We work around the party schedule, not the other way around. Planning a luncheon for a client who wants stemware for an early morning breakfast? No problem. Throwing a bachelor party that needs an entire stage setup that starts in the evening and could go on forever? No big deal. AAA Rents & Events works nights.

We provide the best for party rentals in Los Angeles because we offer a convenient, one-stop-shop for all things party related. From bar and glassware to tents and chairs, AAA Rents has it all. With almost two decades of experience in the event industry, we can provide all necessary services and equipment rentals.

And because we serve such a wide area, delivery and pick-up is super convenient. Just coordinate a time for the AAA Rents & Events team to arrive and we will unload all heavy equipment quickly and efficiently. When the party winds down and the dance floor has been danced out, the team will pick up and load all the equipment. This is the most hassle-free and cost effective way to throw a party. Not only will the party planner be relieved, but the guests will enjoy the fruits of the party planner’s true talents.

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