February 14, 2014

AAA Rents Party Rentals Burbank

Don’t count yourself alone if you need to rent tables for your next party. Few people have all the tables they need to host a party, and even if they do, they may not be the right shape based on how the tables need to function. Experts in table rental in Los Angeles suggest these types based on the party you’re throwing:

Round: Round tables promote sociability and each person sitting at the table has an equal psychological position at the table. The downside to round tables is that they take more room, but if socializing is key to your party, these are the best choice.

Rectangular: If you’re serving a buffet, choose a rectangular table that can be accessed from both sides. The line will move faster and if it’s 30 to 40 inches wide, guests will have plenty of room to reach all the food and beverages. Using longer, rectangular tables also maximizes your space if that’s an issue.

Square: If your party involves playing games or other party activities, you might consider card tables that are square and seat four people comfortably.

Another option when deciding about the type of table rental in Los Angeles to choose is to combine them. This will give you the diversity you need for serving food and beverages and accommodating the different preferences of your guests. Some may gravitate toward smaller, more intimate seating arrangements while others will seek out a larger group seated around a bigger round table.


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