March 8, 2015

Once you have chosen a venue for your next party, it’s important to spend some time considering how you’ll want to utilize the available floor space. The layout of your event will have a huge impact on the energy and flow in the room. A poor use of space can make a room seem crowded and cramped, or it can make your event seem desolate and empty. That’s why it’s essential to arrange things in a logical way so that there is a well-planned flow for guests to move from one area to next.

Be sure that you have a closet or coat check available for guests immediately when they enter your party. If you are serving hors d’oeuvres, have a few stations of food set up so that everyone isn’t crowded around one area. Try placing food toward the back of the room to help draw guests in. If you have a seated event, leave plenty of space between tables for guests to push back chairs and for servers to navigate the aisles. Keep your space as open as possible and place the bar, dance floor and any attractions near each other. Also, make sure that the restrooms are clearly marked.

If you are setting your event in a location that hosts multiple events throughout the year, then talk with the venue manager to find out what types of room layouts clients have used in the past. They are sure to have some suggestions after witnessing first-hand what worked well in the space and what didn’t.

When determining where to place your event rentals at Los Angeles parties, take the time to carefully organize the entire floor space. This will guarantee that your guests will be able to find and enjoy all of the features and activities that you spent so much time and energy creating.

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