September 26, 2014

Everyone has been to an event that is hosted by fabulous people, organized by a great event planner, and held in a marvelous party tent, that being said however, does every event need a tent? Event planning is not an easy job, no matter how you look at it. Event planners have far more on their plates than most people realize, and as such, one frequently asked question is, do I really need a party tent? The answer is not as simple as you might think.

There are a few distinct benefits to party tents when it comes to outdoor events. Party tents offer shelter, shade, and even protection from the elements. If it rains, for instance, the party does not have to be cancelled or relocated, because a tent can keep everyone dry. Or, if you’re hosting your party in the Los Angeles area, you’re more likely to have sunshine – often, too much. Tents are a great way to keep guests comfortable, providing a shadier, cooler area for guests to rest.

Party tents can also help define an otherwise iffy space. Though you could set up barriers or ropes or flooring, it is much easier to determine where you are supposed to be if you have a party tent to show you the boundaries. It’s like an unofficial “over here” sign. Guests won’t feel confined to stay within the boundaries, but they’ll have an anchor to return to if they are unsure at any point where things or other people are.

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