July 7, 2014

Are you planning a big event with lots of thirsty guests? AAA Rents and Events in Van Nuys can help. We have years of experience filling needs for every aspect of large-scale events and parties, right down to the guest refreshments. Our Los Angeles party rental company knows your needs, and we offer portable rental bars and bar accessories to keep your affair as classy as possible.

What do you need for a successful bar to keep your guests refreshed? For starters, you’ll need the bar itself. We offer bars of all shapes and sizes to rent for events and parties of all sorts. Some can accommodate bar stools, some are more of a take-away style for guests to grab a drink and then head elsewhere. Check out our bar rental inventory here, or call us for more information.

You’ll also need a professional to tend the bar – we can refer one for you if you don’t already have one in mind. A bar doesn’t do much good if no one’s there to serve the beverages.

Bar accessories include shakers, pourers, decanters, glassware, and more. Unfortunately, we don’t offer drink rentals — you’ll have to provide your own libations!

The bar is a more important part of a large event than many folks realize. It serves as a central hub for ice-breaking conversation for your guests. It’s a convenient place to direct traffic for hosts so they can ensure that the overall experience is smooth. It’s a protective barrier to keep the masses from rushing too quickly to get a drink in their hand, and it’s an inviting beacon for social creatures looking to socialize. The bar may seem innocuous, but trust us – the bar you choose sets a tone for a good many moments in your guests’ experience.

Give us a call at 818-785-1105 to ask about our bar inventory and selection of bar accessories.

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