January 21, 2015

Having a family reunion is one of the best ways to enjoy family time with siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts, and every member of the family. It’s truly exciting when you have everybody all in one area, but preparing for it requires time and some investments. You’ll need to make sure you have the right items ready so that everybody could enjoy themselves.

So, what items do you need to rent for your reunion party? Here are some of the things you need to have for a large family party:


It is vital that you have tables for everybody to have a seat and enjoy each other’s company. It is important to consider having a minimum of about 10 big tables so that it could accommodate as many people as possible. There are party rentals Los Angeles CA that can provide tables and other items so that your party is fun and has everything you need for your guests.


Chairs are also important. Having a couple dozen is a good number to consider renting if you are going to have a lot of family come by – or, if your family is truly expansive, you may need to put more thought into the quantity of chairs. (Read more on picking the right number of chairs here.)

Utensils and Servingwear

You’ll need a wide range of food, so investing in good catering is very worthwhile for your party. Communicate with your caterer on what will be supplied, though – you need to have all the necessary silverware to share the food.

Of course, there are countless things that you need to make sure you have, but don’t forget the entertainment. Bouncy castles are great to rent out if you have a lot of kids in the family. You want to make sure everybody is having fun, make sure all the kids have something fun to play with and all the adults have some things that will entertain themselves as well. Setting up family games is also important. If you ever need something rented, you’ll definitely find you could rent it out in Los Angeles. Talk to us today!

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