October 15, 2015

The RSVP is an old tradition of respectful invitation. The acronym is from the French phrase, Répondez s’il vous plaît which translates to “Respond if you please”. It has evolved from couriers to modern snail mail to email. Although snail mail is still the most popular, there are some new methods that may be better options.

There are a couple of problems with regular stamped mail. The first issue is the stamp itself. There is a cost to sending the mail. If the event is large, there could be an excessive amount of stamps. It is also costly in time. Every envelope must be sealed, addressed, and then taken to a mailbox. Not exactly convenient.

Another downside is that no one wants to send a letter back! People are getting around this with websites or allowing emails back, but that seems silly. It should be easy to get people to your event. That’s why you need a modern RSVP.

The first option is invite by text. Most people use phones and that is more important than ever before. Invitd is a beautiful app that allows you to get RSVPs through text. That means an instant response. If someone hasn’t responded, it’s easy to find out why.

Simple Soiree is the next option and the most free. It is more of a management app, and allows you to organize everything the way you need it organized. Making it simple is the goal.

Pro Party Planner is another excellent app at $4.99 price point. This app is better at breaking down the guests, and getting more information about who is coming. Being prepared for an event is important, and this app will collect the information to make that easy.

If it is difficult to RSVP, people are less likely to respond. Make it simple to agree, and increase the number of people at your events.

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