September 10, 2014

It’s exciting throwing a party or event! Maybe it’s a special event like a baptism, or first communion, confirmation, scout ceremony. High school graduations, weddings, funerals are also large events to be celebrated with family and friends. Maybe the event is for a good cause such as a fund raising event for a local charity. It is fun to plan out the decorations, food, and location and finally the seating arrangements.

How many chairs should be rented? Being a chair rental company in Los Angeles, we can help with some practical advice…

The first place to start is with the number of guests invited. With an accurate count of RSVPs, add a few (maybe four or five) extra chairs in case of extra plus-one guests or for guests who forgot to RSVP. Otherwise, there are two methods of determining the right count…

The first is to order enough chairs for everyone on the guest list. This is the safest route. As the boy scouts say, “Always be prepared.”

The second method is to split the difference between total invited and total affirmative RSVPs. This is relatively safe, especially if your event is strict about RSVPs, as it accounts for all expected guests and leaves a little room for surprises, while potentially saving money by not renting too many chairs.

For non-invitation events such as fund raising or local charity events, a prior attendance survey through email or social media works well for a general event attendance number. Another option is to simply provide enough chairs to fill the room to fire-code-appropriate capacity. This is especially useful if you expect an uneven flow of guests over a period of time.

The next things to consider are the audience of the event and the location/time of the event. Who will this event reach? Is the time and date of the event going to attract a large amount of people? Once these factors are taken into consideration with the local populations of the area pick an estimated round number.

Renting chairs for a large event is one piece of the entire event-planning puzzle, but simple logic can help make the best choices. Give us a call if you would like some professional advice: 818-785-1105!

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