April 14, 2016

Event Planning is All About the Details

If you’ve ever organized a big event, you know what an endless stream of to-do’s the planning process becomes. Something you forgot pops up at the last minute. Someone promised something they weren’t able to deliver. Weather suddenly goes bad and there’s no backup plan.

It’s a stressful little tornado of other people’s needs swirling around you, isn’t it? What appear to be small, unimportant details in the grand scope of event planning can actually turn into some pretty big problems when guests arrive.

Call AAA Rents & Events. We deal with organizers on a daily basis, and we can help you, too. We know where to go for permits, who to call for catering, and we know what kinds of chairs go with what kinds of events.

To help you out, here are some of the more common things organizers get wrong, and what to do about each:


Seating is the number-one most important overlooked item on any event planner’s checklist. Time and again we see that either seating is simply not considered, operating under the assumption that wherever the big event is, there’ll be enough chairs there already, when in reality the venue does not provide chairs at all. Or, somehow worse, not enough chairs are provided, meaning some guests get to sit while others are forced to stand.

So naturally, for event planners and coordinators, there’s a temptation to knock chairs off the list, and often it happens in a hurry with no second thought. Don’t fall into that trap—don’t be the one who got the chairs wrong.

Chair Rental Los Angeles

This is not “someone else’s problem”—or, at least, it shouldn’t be. Give us a quick phone call and let’s talk about seating. We know what chairs are appropriate for any type of event or venue, and we can provide just them for you. There’ll be enough seats for everyone, and the comfort and style will fit the occasion.

Chair rentals are a thankless effort; few people really appreciate them until they don’t have one to sit on, or until they don’t like the one they’re sitting on. As the one in charge of making sure seats are perfect, you can be an unrewarded hero or a scorned villain. Let us help you be the hero!


In Los Angeles, heaters are another overlooked necessity. Just because the weather is warm all day doesn’t mean everyone will be comfortable outside at night. For the weather wimps at the party, make sure there are heaters to stay warm by.

It’s surprising what a difference heaters can make. Outdoor tents and canopies are great for Southern California, but not everyone likes to stay cooped up in a crowd. People need to stretch their elbows and get some fresh air, and when they do, they may find themselves uncomfortably chilly. Having a few heaters at the perimeter takes care of those guests without bothering anybody who doesn’t need them.

Heater Rentals in Los Angeles

Give us a call and ask about our standing heater inventory. We can help you help your guests stay warm.


Lighting is yet another item that coordinators either skimp on or ignore entirely, relying on the meager lighting provided at whatever venue the event is using. And sometimes that’s enough, but sometimes it’s not enough.

A few gentle glowing sidewalk lamps are great for keeping a dark and seductive atmosphere, but if that’s not what your event calls for, bringing in some supplemental lighting can keep guests engaged in the affair much longer. Darkness has its place, but keep in mind that darkness and quietness make for a sleepy house. You need to find the right balance.

A dance floor, of course, is usually dark, but there are a few things countering any potential sleepiness: loud music, fast heartbeats, and intriguing accent lights. Don’t forget your accent lights!

Lighting Rental Los Angeles

There’s obviously quite a lot else that goes into planning a large event, but those are three things that get overlooked. So if you’re in charge of planning, don’t forget these crucial items!

Give us a call and we can answer any questions about event rentals and planning that you have. Talk to us about our inventory and our services—not only do we rent these things, we deliver them to your location and pick them up at the end of it!


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