May 12, 2014

Pen & Paper - AAA Rents

Imagine: you’re planning your big event, you’re thinking strategically and you think you have everything in place. You have the location, you have the date, you have the caterer. What else could you possibly need to make your event a success, you have everything… right?

Not quite – without the right equipment, your big event could be a big bust, and listing out the necessary equipment is difficult. Never fear! AAA Rents, a Los Angeles event rentals company, can provide the necessary equipment to make things work, and we can help you formulate a rental strategy.

The easiest way to figure out your equipment needs is to put yourself in the shoes of your guests for this event. What would you look for as a guest to make this event enjoyable? Does this event have a sit down meal or even a buffet? Then tables and chairs are necessary. Even a cocktail party where guests are up moving around needs chairs for people to sit down on to rest from time to time. Tables will need linens and buffets will need chafing dishes.

Is this event held outdoors? Then a tent would be nice to block the breeze or protect your guests from the bright sunlight. If the event is being held outdoors at night, then a heater as well as a tent might be necessary.

Speaking of nighttime events, lights are a big consideration. Even events held indoors can benefit from additional lighting, especially when a show is being presented.

Listing out the necessary equipment is not hard with a little foresight and planning. Working from the largest needs to the smallest and soon your list will be complete. Once you have your list in hand, take a look at our inventory!

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