May 23, 2016

Have you ever walked into a room and felt as though you’d stepped into another place and time? Just outside the door you were a guest at some venue, and suddenly you were a different person in a different world?

Movies and plays have that effect. The actors telling the story obviously influence your perception, of course, but few people realize just how important the effect of lighting and texture are. They play a pivotal role in setting an atmosphere in a defined space.

If you’re a professional event coordinator, chances are you’ve experienced that feeling before. It may be exactly the thing that drew you to this profession in the first place.

Go back to that feeling in your mind—the feeling of being swept away to somewhere and something completely different.

Now come back to the present. The job at hand. If you’re cornered into a venue where you just don’t feel the guests will be transported the way you and your clients want them transported, think about the root of the problem. Is it the wrong atmosphere? If that’s the issue, perhaps what you need is some better lighting and the right table linens.

We Can Help Create Your Atmosphere

AAA Rents offers lighting rentals in Los Angeles for events of all sizes. We provide stage lighting, floor lighting, and a variety of options for the specific needs of just about any event.

Lighting Rental Los AngelesWe also offer outdoor heaters, which can supplement any lighting efforts with the warm orange glow of their heat sources. Atmospheric effects are often as subtle as that. The effect is both physical and emotional for guests, and can make a world of difference.

For the texture, we provide linen rentals throughout Los Angeles to help create the texture of the setting you create. The play of light on linens is easily controlled, and really goes a long way in presenting the immediate mood to anyone who enters the room.

Linen Rentals Los AngelesLights cast shadows, and the interplay of light and dark is an art unto itself. The softer the shadows, the dreamier the atmosphere becomes. The darker the shadows, the more alluring the scene becomes. With proper cloth linens and the right lights, you can create just the right kind of shadows to set the mood you’re after.

We’ll Help You Make It Real

We do this all the time – helping event coordinators create memorable experiences is our specialty. Whether you know exactly what you need and how much, or whether you’ve got some questions on how to solve an atmosphere-setting challenge, AAA Rents & Events is here for you.

We offer free pickup and delivery of all items, including linens and lights, and we offer our services 24 hours, seven days a week.

Give us a call and see how we can help you turn your venue into a wonderland for your clients.


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