September 10, 2013


When Irest (a congregation in the S. F. Valley) called on AAA to provide the logistical infrastructure for their annual general retreat event to accommodate 4000 pus guests, AAA rose to the occasion. Moving 75000 sq. ft of tenting and flooring from L.A to San Diego became a logistical challenge. Our crew was superb didn’t miss a beat.
” I am amazed with level of organization and efficiency of your crew”-Pastor Jorge Pena-
During the planning stage after numerous visits to the location when the guest numbers were about 2000 confirmed I thought this should be an easy job, load 4 to 5 trucks we’ll get it done in one double shift day. Then one week before due date Mario M, the logistics coordinator with Irest, notified me that the numbers had gone up twofold. Our ops, inventory, and route managers immediately went into overdrive, by week’s end everything was coordinated and ready to roll. Tent city was up and running 1 day ahead of schedule
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