MISC Electrical & Lighting Rentals in Los Angeles

AAA Rents and Events provides more than just places to sit – our inventory boasts a range of event rentals to keep your guests comfortable, warm, intrigued and entertained!

Lighting Rentals

We offer lighting in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors for helping you set the right mood. We understand that atmosphere makes the memories, and different lighting is required for different kinds of atmospheres. Discuss your needs with us and we’ll be able to provide exactly what you need!


We have large heaters to keep your guests warm. They come in varying styles to match the ambience and décor of your event, and you can rent as many as you need. We’ll provide enough fuel to keep them warming your guests all night long, and we’ll pick them up when it’s time.

Projectors and Speakers

We also offer projectors for slides, movies or any sort of visual entertainment you may have planned. And don’t worry – we also provide professional grade speakers so your guests can hear, even if they’re way in the back! Ask us about adjustable lighting, too.

Power Generator Rentals

Got extension cords? No?

Don’t worry. We rent power generators to keep your lighting up and running for as long as you need. We’ll keep your party going for as long as your guests keep going.

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