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What your guests wear is up to them — where they wear it is up to you. Provide the appropriate flooring for your event and your location. See some examples of what AAA Rents and Events can offer in the way of flooring and walkways. We have elevated runways for fashion shows, dance floors, pool bridges, aisle ways, stage floors, Astro turf and much more. We’ve covered floors for Los Angeles events for over 15 years and we never get tired of seeing what people bring to them!

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The most talented event planners are the ones who take the time to cover all of the bases and more. Handling event layouts can sometimes be a complicated task. Event planners have to think about strategic and attractive design elements. They have to seriously consider function and convenience as well. That’s the reason it’s essential to prioritize walkways and flooring. These things are imperative for events that are organized and simple to navigate. It can be a nightmare to deal with an event that lacks clear and prominent walking paths. It can be next to impossible to enter and exit these kinds of events with ease.

It isn’t only important to establish obvious walking paths for event guests. It’s just as important to provide them with walking paths that are durable, dependable and comfortable. If you want to rent walking paths that are the portrait of sturdy, defined and reliable, then you can always turn to the team here at AAA Rents & Events, Inc. located in lovely Van Nuys, California. We present customers with a dazzling assortment of walking path solutions of all kinds. These include AstroTurf, stage flooring, pool bridges, raised runways, aisle ways and dance floors. Our dance floors can be ideal for spirited gatherings of all varieties. Our raised runways can be optimal for haute couture events of all types as well. If you’re planning an upcoming fashion show, you can’t beat our sleek and streamlined runway options.

AAA Rents & Events, Inc. has been a tradition in the local floor rental world for more than 15 excellent years. If you’re a party planner who wants to host an event that’s convenient, comfortable, attractive, and modern, you’ll fall in love with our plentiful choices in walkways. Drop us a line today for more information.


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