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AAA Rents & Events offers a wide variety of portable bars, barstools, high top tables, glassware and more to make any evening memorable for your guests. We know how to match the rentals you need to the party you envision, and we work with you to make it happen within your budget.

As an additional courtesy, AAA Rents can recommend bartenders if you’re short staffed for a large event!

Planning a great event is never as easy as many people think. A lot of things go into putting together an event that’s enjoyable, smooth and efficient. That’s the reason it’s critical to think carefully about layout, design and amenities. Event planners who want their upcoming projects to be smash hits should always seriously consider party bar rental. Renting a bar can take your event to the next level. What can bring event guests together better than the addition of a fantastic bar, anyway? Event guests love nothing more than being able to choose between a vast range of amazing drinks. They love nothing more than being able to gather around a welcoming, bustling and energetic bar, too. Bars can make superb conversation pieces. They can make event socializing a piece of cake as well.

Why exactly is party bar rental such a good idea for event planners? Renting a bar can give your event a lot of production value. It can show people that you put a lot of time and care into planning the event. It can show guests that the event wasn’t a slapdash or last-minute effort. Bars can introduce significant amounts of visual appeal to gatherings, too. They can contribute substantially to the design of events. They can make parties look and feel modern, contemporary and fun. Bars can also function as foundations and focal points for events. If you want your event guests to gravitate to a certain area, bar placement can do the trick.

If you’re a hard-working event planner who is interested in top-quality party bar rental, you can count on AAA Rents & Events, Inc. in Van Nuys, California with complete confidence. We specialize in bar rentals of all types. We specialize in bar accessory rentals as well. Get in touch today!

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