March 14, 2015

Large-scale events pose unique challenges compared to smaller events, and the details that go into planning them are much more involved. Certain considerations must be made to guide people to where they need to be, and to keep everybody safe. Here are some tips for handling successful large scale events.

Crowd control

Large events often have different activities spread out over a wide landscape, so it’s important to devise ways to control guest traffic. Utilize barricades or fencing to guide people to where they need to be and keep them out of areas that they shouldn’t be accessing. If you need event rentals Los Angeles vendors can provide the appropriate crowd control barriers for you.

Tents and canopies can also be rented to help you delineate certain areas and activities at your event. Not only will they provide a clear visual marker, but they will also provide shade for your guests, keeping everyone cool and comfortable.


For any large-scale event, you will have a team of staff, volunteers and vendors working on-site who will need to coordinate tasks. It’s important that you and your team can all communicate quickly and easily at your event, even if you are spread out across a large venue. Consider renting push-to-talk radios so that your team can stay connected. Be sure to train everyone on the instructions and protocol for using the radios in advance of the event.


Large scale events inherently cause more of a safety concern than smaller events. Large crowds can occasionally bring the potential for violence, and also result in reduced response times from officials. In order to maintain a clear sense of public safety throughout your event, consider having event security or uniformed officers on hand. Also, be sure that you are following all fire and safety codes for your venue to keep all of your guests safe.

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