October 12, 2016

AAA Rents uses 3-D CAD software to help design the perfect flow and ideal setup for any gathering.

In any event at a new venue, there long list of unknown elements that can affect the event and the way it carries out from start to finish.

Part of this is the appearance of unpredictable guests, but part is also the initial layout of all rented items. Tables, walkways, dance floors, even placement of heaters — every area that guests may wander can have unexpectedly large effects on the comfort levels of the guests.

And if you’ve ever coordinated an event before, you know — there are always surprises. Always.

Of course, it’s part of what keeps the profession interesting…but nobody needs those headaches, right?

There’s a very good solution for this problem: 3-D CAD software!

Our computer program helps us identify optimal placements based on real-world measurements for the best flow of guest activity possible.
It’s very simple. If you’re able to get the measurements of the venue, then we can help you make the best possible use of the space.

We’ll help you with placement, and we’ll even offer our recommendations on what to order for any given occasion. We’ll help you keep the guests’ feet moving the right way by minimizing bottlenecks and wandering, and providing the best flooring for the event.

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Take a look at our inventory with us. We offer more than just dance floors – we’ve got a variety of walkways, plants and hedges for guidance, red carpets, ropes, fencing, barricades, pool bridges, aisle ways, Astro-turf…even elevated runways and stages!

Don’t rely on memory…spatial memory in most people is much, much worse than they realize. Get those measurements, and call AAA Rents & Events! Let’s use computers for this task, and keep the people moving smoothly along.

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