May 19, 2014

Outdoor Lighting - AAA RentsPlanning an event with lots of people? Of course seating is important, because (depending on the estimated time of the event) people are going to want to sit down versus standing for long periods of time. Finding a folding chair rental company is easier than it may seem. We are available to make sure that your guests will be able to sit and enjoy the event that you have organized.

How Many Chairs Are Needed?
Why rent chairs, Los Angeles residents may ask? Chair rentals are needed so that guests are not standing around for hours, or decide to get frustrated and go sit inside of their cars until whomever they came with is ready to go. Some chair renters feel as if they can order half the amount of chairs and let the other guests stand, but that’s not fair, is it? Folding chairs can be ordered in large quantities. Whether you need 50 chairs or 300 chairs for your event, any rental chair company worth their salt should be glad to accommodate your needs.

Who Sets Up The Chairs?
We do. When there is a large crowd expected, someone has to set up all those folding chairs. Imagine setting up 300 folding chairs by yourself – no fun. Your rental company should have the employees to help set up these chairs for your  guests. AAA Rents will always do this for you with a smile.

Preparing To Send The Folding Chairs Back
Remember the chairs did not get set up by themselves, so they cannot come down by themselves, either. Asking the folding chair rental company who is responsible for folding the chairs back up is an important question, and one that is, surprisingly, often forgotten. We’ll always fold your chairs for you at the end of the night…of course, we never complain when someone folds them up ahead of time! But it’s not at all necessary. It’s just part of our work, always included with no hidden fees.

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