July 16, 2015

A traffic cop’s job is to move vehicle and pedestrian traffic along quickly and efficiently. A party planner has the same job: to control the flow of the party.

This isn’t some new avant-garde idea. Interior decorators use the Chinese philosophy of feng shui to harmonize how people move around and interact with the room. For the more skeptical, this flow can also be referenced as “design.”

When it comes to party planning, designing the flow of the event can really change how well the event goes. Having the right furniture, a well placed bar, or harmonizing colors of decoration all make people more comfortable, talkative, and open to fun.

Matching the centrally placed furniture as one color, while highlighting with with secondary decorations can really make the central theme pop. It doesn’t matter if the event is a white wedding, a black dress cocktail party, or a black tie corporate event, the colors should drive the theme.

Having enough equipment is also a concern. Not enough seating can be a good thing if people should mingle, but it can also be horrible if everyone must sit and listen to a keynote. Knowing the venue and the amount of furniture will help the feng shui and keep everyone happy.

If getting the right equipment and enough equipment is a concern, then consider renting. Getting enough quality chairs for an event is one of the biggest problems with event planning, but chair rentals in Los Angeles makes it easy to control the Feng Shui of the seating.

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