October 16, 2015

Parties during the fall tend to have a special romanticism about them. The falling leaves and changing weather adds to the feeling of time passing and the cozy approaching days. A fall themed party is about enhancing the colors and flavors around us.

As with any themed party, you will need the equipment and decorations to back it up. This means keeping the colors of the event to darker toned, earthy colors. It is also important to keep the guests temperate, so a tent may be necessary.

If the guests are eating, getting the right caterers is key, so ask for a referral from AAA Rents. Even if attendees aren’t eating, drinks may be served bring a bartender and ask them to make some fall themed drinks. (Link to fall drinks article)

Take advantage of the cooling weather by going outdoors and have a dance competition or listen to a speaker on an outside podium. Let the changing weather and the colored leaves decorate be the centerpiece for every table.

When looking through rentals, silver and woody browns may be much classier choices than the expected orange and black colors. Let the silver reflect the new seasons colors. Refined color choices of equipment and decorations can really make an event producer the hero.

Think of the setting for the event as well. Pasadena is the perfect local town for a fall event. With a great local culture and some great trees, it is an excellent location. AAA Rents provides party rentals to Pasadena CA all year round.

Finally, don’t forget to save yourself some time to enjoy the season. When party planning around the fall, take the time to breath in the cooler air. Let AAA Rents handle all your rents, deliveries, and setup.

If interested in finding rentals with fall colors, come visit AAA Rents showroom.

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