May 14, 2015

Outdoor events are extremely popular, especially in sunny Los Angeles. However, if you don’t properly plan for a canopy at your event, you are doing a disservice to your guests. Canopies aren’t just for inclement weather and protection from the wind and rain. They are a staple for any outdoor event, blending functionality with a professional and stylish look.

A Los Angeles rental canopy isn’t just some basic fabric that is hung on some sticks. An event canopy is a beautiful, solidly constructed piece that will perfectly frame your event space. Today’s technology allows AAA Rents to create amazing showpieces with overhead fabric. For the ultimate touch of class, you can augment your canopy with sparkling accents. Consider stringing up white lights on the underside of the canopy. Or opt for a dramatic twinkle light swag to transport your guests to a magical place. For a truly chic look, choose an exquisite chandelier to hang from the center, providing a glowing ambience for your event.

If you’re planning your event on a warm summer day, plan for windows in your canopy to let the breeze flow through your space. Even better, augment your canopy with embedded fans, and give your guests some reprieve from the Los Angeles heat.

Canopies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so they can accommodate all kinds of events. Whether you are looking to cover your food buffets, create a dramatic dance floor, provide shelter for guest seating, or hold your entire event under cover, a canopy can offer the perfect solution.

When planning any event, it’s important to remember how important first impressions are. As your guests pull up to your outdoor event, the first thing they will notice is the beautiful canopy standing out against the horizon. That is sure to make a good first impression!

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