AAA Rents & Events is Your Top Choice for Chair Rentals in Los Angeles

On-time delivery…setup…pickup. We take care of all the elements of a successful party.

You can rest assured we’ll be there to take the stress out of event planning, with a team dedicated to 100% satisfaction.

If you have a large event such as a wedding or corporate function, or even a backyard barbecue, and need adequate seating for your guests, it’s time to call AAA Rents & Events. We’re based in Van Nuys, offering top-tier chair rentals in Los Angeles and beyond thanks to a foundation of 15 years of service.

Thanks to a wide spectrum of tables and chairs decorated uniquely for your event, you get peace of mind knowing you’ll have safe, comfortable seating for each of your guests.

Our affordable equipment is well-maintained and beautiful, yet functional and sturdy enough to serve your needs and those of your guests.

Prior to your event, we can sit down with you to go over our offerings, learn about your colors and themes, and get estimates for how many tables and chairs you will need. We don’t just bring tables and chairs, we also decorate them according to your wishes.

Ribbons, satiny bows, flowing linens and decorative accents: we do it all.

There are many reasons why you should select AAA Rents & Events as your partner in party planning for chair rentals in Los Angeles:

  • Rates that fit your budget
  • Accommodations for hundreds of guests
  • Huge selection of well-maintained party supplies and equipment
  • Family-owned and operated company with 15 years experience
  • Seamless delivery, setup and pickup
  • One-on-one event planning with party coordinators and hosts/hostesses
  • 5-star customer satisfaction ratings

We can also help hosts and hostesses who aren’t sure how many chairs and tables to order for their event. First off, we take a look at the number of guests you invited as a starting point. If you invited 100 and told everyone they could bring a guest, your best bet is to plan on 200 guests. While RSVPs can act as a general guide, they should never be relied on as a firm number because so many people don’t get around to responding to your invite. It’s always best to have too many than too few.

It’s important to supply your event with sturdy chairs and tables that are also beautiful and functional. We have a variety of table sizes, shapes and configurations to meet the needs of your party. From circular to rectangular to square, you name it, we can deliver it! We also provide the accessories you need to complement your party and make it great, such as tents, canopies, flooring, walkways and portable restrooms.

Call AAA Rents & Events for table and chair rentals in Los Angeles and beyond. We will provide you with a free quote to help you start planning when you contact us at 818-785-1105.

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