February 8, 2016

It is important to have everything mapped out in advance. Sure, you have ideas about where you want furniture to be, what you want to offer guests to eat, and what you have for guests to do while at your party. The problem is that ideas are not solid enough for others to help you, or for you to implement in the moments of the party. So, start early and be specific about everything you want.

Event rentals in Los Angeles must be done in advance. Space, chairs, tables, linens, serving equipment, DJ systems, and special props require time to track down and prep for use. Make sure you contact AAA Rents early and often. Prepare a backup plan in case something that you want or need is not available.

Consider the mood, sounds, and visuals for your event. What are the first things you want people to see and hear when they walk inside your space? Background music is often an afterthought, but music is significant in gatherings.
Lighting is important too. All of these “afterthoughts” will set the entire tone of your party, and it is your job to consider them way in advance.

A written and detailed plan is best. It does not have to look fancy, it just needs to be thorough. Write out a single plan on each sheet of paper. One paper for how seating should be arranged. If you are setting tables, an illustration of where you want everything to be placed. Consider the furniture and note what needs to go and where you want everything. If you have simple drawings with labels, anyone can lend a hand.

When you have planned ahead, guests can arrive and receive your full attention. Plan on finishing last touches 30 minutes before arrival time so you can give everything a once over and still have 15 minutes or so to be available for early guests.

Get organized. Stay focused. Plan your event smartly and thoroughly in advance.

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