June 25, 2015

Lighting design is hugely important to a great experience. Out of the 5 human senses, sight may be the most important. A caterer will provide taste and a musician can provide audio. However, a decorator must provide the visuals, and the lighting ties everything together.

If light hasn’t been a consideration, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind. As the day moves on, or as the venue changes, lighting evolves. Managing how well people can see will really control the mood of the party. Lighting design is just as central as any other aspect of an event.

As the day turns into night, lights become necessary. This can be a great opportunity to use some beautiful accent lighting. Fairy lights are great for creating an intimate setting and a magical feeling. Even during the day, the strung up lights can give the event space an extra special feeling.

Also, inside of tents, there tends to be much less natural light. Lighting design here becomes very specific because the space is not open like the outdoors. There is limited room. The main lighting can be hung at equal spaces. Tables can be lit by candles or small lights. Also, occasional accent lighting can really layer it all together.

A final consideration is a generator. If losing power or not being near outlets is a worry, then renting a generator can be very helpful to providing the best, well lite experience.

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