November 4, 2014

When you are planning any party, no matter what the occasion, the sooner you rent the supplies you will need, the better. By waiting until the last minute to reserve party supply rentals – especially in Los Angeles – hosts and party planners often discover the items they need most have already be reserved by someone else. These items include the chairs, tables, buffets as well as any canopies or tents they are planning to use. Consider including these on the same page as your guest list, because they need to be one of the first tasks you need to complete.

If you are concerned with how much of each you will need, having the guest list nearby makes it easier. It is important to include, not just enough seating for those who have RSVP’d, but for extras as well. Rent enough to seat everyone on the list as well maybe an additional 10 percent. This may seem wasteful, but many people arrive without responding to their invitation and many others will bring a guest without advance notice. It is better to be prepared and pay a little more than to have guests unable to be seated.

Finally, remember to include the needs of your caterer. Discuss with them early on to see if they will require any additional tables for their displays. If they do, reserving these along with your own items from a company like AAA Rents, can make it faster, easier and more affordable than gathering bits and pieces from a handful of individual rental places.

table rental los angelesA party is only as good as its planning. Make certain that every event you plan is memorable, but for all the right reasons. Plan carefully and reserve early and you will start out on the right foot every time. Contact us today.

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