October 16, 2017

Chair Rental in Los Angeles

Scheduling a large event such as a party or conference involves many small details. You have to secure a venue and determine the guest list just for a start. Figuring out seating arrangements is simply another part of the process. You might have the invitations taken care of, but now it’s time to consider the number of chairs that you need to provide.

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How Many Chairs Do You Need?

This can be a tricky issue to address. For example, some of your guests might bring an unexpected “plus one,” which would force you to reconsider the way your venue is set up. A shortage of seats means that not everyone would be able to comfortably attend the event.

A Simple Solution

That said, all is not lost. Some mental math is all that’s required to fix a seating problem. First, assess the nature of your event. If it’s a conference, it is less likely that extra guests would appear, as the attendee list is often fixed. An event such as a class reunion or wedding tends to have a more fluid number of attendees. In those cases, it’s best to be generous in your estimations. Double the existing number of chairs to accommodate the possibility of plus-ones. In general, you should also factor in the size of the venue, as well as its timing. Rent enough chairs for the maximum number of guests that you think might attend.

Rely on AAA Rents & Events

Our company offers a wide selection of chairs so that you can seat all of your guests comfortably. No matter the size, location, or formality of your event, our product catalog is sure to have the perfect fit for your needs. To make setup even easier, we deliver the chairs to your venue and pick them up once the event is finished.

With over 15 years of experience, AAA Rents & Events is the best source for chair rental in Los Angeles. Contact us today to learn how we can make your event even better. We offer assistance in the planning process, from rental estimates to advice on which style of seating you need.

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