July 17, 2015

Design is the fun part of the part planning process. Once you’ve discussed the needs of the client, it is the most creative portion of the work. It isn’t the planning or the non­stop calls to book, rent, and schedule.

Design means something to different people in different occupations. In this job, it means picking color schemes, figuring out equipment placement, and deciding how to allow everyone to have the best time possible.

Design starts with the clients needs, but there is plenty of room for creativity and fresh ideas. Sometimes the most brilliant ideas come from strict client demands. Don’t shy away from challenges. A challenged party planner with great design skills can make any event sizzle.

Design adds to an event by building upon the people and the venue. A good set up, color scheme, and theme will make the crowd feel comfortable and talkative enough to meet new friends and have a happy experience.

It is possible to spend more time on design by removing time from the tedious, boring parts. Reduce the phone calls and the time working with vendors. AAA Rents is a one-stop shop with the right party supply rentals in Los Angeles. We can save a party planner enough time to get to the fun part: creating amazing design elements that bring together the party.

Design is highly important, and spending extra time on it improves quality of work and quality of fun. Working with the right companies can help earn more money, save time, and generally make life easier. AAA Rents provides this level of service to all party planners and event coordinators.

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