January 20, 2015

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When planning any event, problems can throw a wrench into your plans. There are some common problems that seem to rear their ugly heads more often than others. Being prepared for them ahead of time can mean the difference between a fabulous event and a dud.

Setup Times

Have a detailed timeline of what needs to happen and when. Don’t underestimate your setup times. Ask your rental company if they offer setup after delivery. This way the job will be done quickly and efficiently. Ask how long their set-up will take, and then give a half hour buffer in your timeline in case something comes up.

Unpredictable Guests

It’s nearly impossible to know how many guests WILL show up to any given event, so the safest bet is to plan on how many guests CAN show up. Order more chairs than you think you’ll need so you don’t end up in a situation where a guest has nowhere to sit! Supplement your estimate when placing your order for chair rentals in Los Angeles.

Multiple Rooms

It can be tough managing multiple rooms, but technology exists that can make this process effortless. Just talk to our experts about your floorplans, and we can help determine what you’ll need to make your event a success. Our sophisticated software takes the guesswork out of your planning.

Defining Success

What makes a successful event? Because every event is different, that answer may vary quite a bit from one event to the next. Your planning process should always include a detailed description of what will define success, and you and your team of vendors should all know what is expected. Be sure to clearly communicate your expectations well in advance of the event, and then make your rental reservations.

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