June 17, 2014

Buffet Serving Piece Rental Los Angeles
Catering is an exciting career, and a career that has a great do-it-yourself philosophy. We like the caterers we work with here at AAA Rents and Events.

However, before you start catering, you’ll need a few things. In fact, nothing will stop a catering business faster than being unprepared. But, if you know what you need, you’ll have a great catering business and be cooking for big parties in no time.

One thing caterers definitely need is a supplier; your business will definitely fail without a reliable supplier to buy food from. The first place to look is retail grocery stores because you can sometimes find great deals. However, you’re better off finding a wholesaler, as this will keep your food cost down. And, obviously, with your food cost down you’ll make a better profit, which is the end game. After you’ve found your wholesaler, try to make a rapport with the key people in charge. This way you’ll get quick service and special deals.

Next, you’ll need the proper tools of the trade. One of these tools is either a van or SUV for transporting the food and crew members. A van/SUV is especially important for bigger orders. Because you need to get yourself big coolers and big warmer trays. The coolers will keep the food fresh while you transport it, and the warmer trays keep the food warm for customers. Without these things, you won’t last long as a caterer.

And from our point of view, there’s one more ultra-important thing you need: familiarity with portable kitchens. Our Los Angeles party rental inventory boasts complete kitchenware, from stoves and burners to specialty buffet serving pieces right down to the smallest silverware piece, and we can get you set up if you can do the cooking. If you are adaptable to any kitchen in any setting, you may find yourself in high demand in no time.

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