July 22, 2016

Setting up for a wedding can be very time consuming, and sometimes there is limited time, space, and resources to get the event ready. It may be that the catering and rental companies are not allowed into the building until a certain time, or another event may be held preceding the one you’ve booked. Whatever the case, the following tips will help make the process far less stressful and less time consuming for all involved. Follow these practices to make the wedding setup easy and swift…

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Get Organized

Long before the event, sit down and draw out a floor plan and figure out your logistics. Gather all of your best employees or volunteers, and ask for input on how to put on this event in a timely and efficient manner.

Make checklists of everything that is needed. Lay out the precise steps that will need to be taken to accomplish all of the tasks, and be sure everyone is on board.

For example, when loading vans and trucks, be sure to put items in the vehicles in the order needed from front to back–or from front to back, depending on how the vehicle will be unloaded. Be aware of that.

If possible, use software to lay out your floor design to get the maximum usage from the space available. Then you will be able to begin your set-up immediately upon arrival. The best events are the ones where all the time and effort are put into the organization of the function. The event should almost run itself if this is done effectively.

Keep Your Options Available

Realize that floor plans don’t always fit the space they are intended for, and keep several options at hand just in case. Deliveries don’t always arrive on time, and workers can be late (Los Angeles traffic??) or may need to leave for emergencies. Remain flexible, and always have a back-up plan for all aspects of the set-up.

Coordinate with Vendors

Check and double check all of the arrival times of the vendors. Review contracts and specifications beforehand, too. For example, a band may require a specific amount of space for their performances. You do not want to find this out the day of the event.

Rental companies will need exact sizes of the tables you will need for your event. Check on food requirements for caterers, electrical needs for special lighting, parking, and other requests and requirements of all vendors used in advance for a smooth set-up in the space that is provided.

Don’t be afraid to use professionals. Table rentals from Los Angeles companies such as AAA Rents will exceed all of your expectations with their expertise and assistance. (We’ll even do all the heavy lifting for you — we deliver, set up, a ck up the equipment afterward!)

Stay Calm

Even though you may feel you are playing “beat the clock,” it is important for everyone, especially managers and supervisors, to stay completely calm. Other employees and volunteers will feed off the high emotions that may erupt during the course of this set-up, so be sure that those in charge stay calm, cool, and collected, even if that is not how they feel inside.

Even if an aspect of the space provided or the set-up goes south, having a level head that can motivate other individuals and help come up with alternatives is vital during these stressful times.

Doing as much work in advance helps out. Create a plan, and manage the plan…the plan will manage the people so you don’t have to!

Work as a Team

Utilize individuals who work well together. Putting together something of this size, magnitude, and importance requires the experience, commitment, and stamina of all involved. Everyone should be aware of their role in this important event and do t very best to lete their tasks and more.

Pace Yourself

As space is being configured and the room set up, make a point to pace yourself. Don’t rush around so much that important details are missed or work so slowly that the room is not set up in time. Figure out how much needs to be done in the time allotted, allow for emergencies and unexpected situations, and work in a steady and productive manner.

Setting up a wedding in Los Angeles can be very stressful, but following the above suggestions will make all the difference in the world to all who are involved and to the final product. Your clients will be so happy with the room and the set-up.

Never lose sight of the fact that you are in the business of creating memories, and being cognizant of what it takes to transform a room into a beautiful environment will help do just that!

And if you need assistance or equipment…call AAA Rents and Events!

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