February 10, 2015

A properly planned event can make your fraternity or sorority the most well-known group around campus. You can create an incredible event that all of your classmates will remember, and you’ll have a blast while doing it. When it comes to party rentals, Los Angeles, CA has a huge selection of options for you to choose from, giving you an opportunity to create a unique theme for your party. Here are some of the details to consider when planning the best Greek-life party of your college career.

Avoid conflicting events

When choosing a date for your event, you want to be sure that all of your intended guests are available to come. Therefore, it’s important to check local community calendars to see if there are any other events in the area that might draw some of your crowds away.

Get it in writing

Great events take a team to pull them off, and you’ll likely be working with all sorts of different businesses for your party. Whether you’re dealing with vendors, caterers, live entertainment, equipment rental companies or audio/visual technicians, it’s crucial to have solid contracts in place. These will protect your fraternity or sorority as well ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Prepare for the weather

Weather is unpredictable, and there is nothing that you can do about it except be prepared. If your venue is outside, consider if you’ll need tents or canopies to protect from the rain or sun. Also, decide if you’ll want heaters if the temperatures drop. Consider the comfort of your guests and plan accordingly.

Accommodate your guests

Do your best to estimate how many guests will attend your event, and then be sure to have enough tables and chairs to accommodate them all. As always, you’re better off safe than sorry, so rent a bit over what you think you’ll need.

Have the perfect bar

You likely have a long line of people willing to tend bar for you, but without putting some thought into how you want your bar to operate, you run the risk of having a long line of guests with empty glasses at your party. Talk to us about the different styles and sizes of bars available to rent for your party, as well as the best place for a bar in your floor plan.

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